Our job as a manufacturer of refractory concrete parts in Guise

Lefebure & Trinidad in the Aisne: know-how experience

For Lefebure & Trinidad, refractory concrete is more than a job, it’s a whole technicality. As a refractory concrete parts manufacturing company in Guise, we do everything we can to guarantee you flawless results that meet your expectations.

Our raw materials

At the basis of all quality, our raw materials are carefully selected and stored under the best conditions of hygrometry and temperature stability in Guise. We add refractory steel fibers to improve resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks as well as the cohesion and longevity of concrete parts.


The manufacturing stages

With proven experience inthe manufacture of refractory concrete parts, we put our know-how to good use at each stage of the production.

Each creation is the subject of a specific approach in terms of quantity of products used, water dosage and mixing. We only use mixers, the only guarantees of perfect homogeneity. The care required by each production requires unparalleled quality and professional experience, whether it is the monitoring of each part, the cleaning of the molds or their oiling. Our high frequency vibrating tables are equipped with frequency variators to adapt the intensity of the vibrations according to each production. Maintained at a strictly constant temperature, the drying step guarantees regular setting and completes our manufacturing cycle based on the principles of excellence.

For steaming, each production is subject to specific computer programming which ensures total control of this decisive phase.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a refractory concrete realization by contacting Lefebure & Trinidad in Guise. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.