The products offered by Lefebure & Trinidad in Guise

Manufacture of shaped parts and products for individuals in the Aisne

In addition to cement factories, foundries and industries, Lefebure & Trinidad also offers its services to individuals. As manufacturers of refractory products in the Aisne since 2007, our products offer you the possibility of making all kinds of equipment yourself, both aesthetic and fire-resistant. Whether it’s a pottery, pizza or bread oven, we will adapt to your needs. We are also able tomanufacture refractory concrete shaped parts for barbecues and mass stoves.


Choose quality products

Lefebure & Trinidad’s refractory concrete products have the particularity of accumulating heat and returning it homogeneously.

Call on our refractory parts manufacturing company in Aisne to benefit from flawless workmanship with meticulous finishes. Ask for a quote for a refractory concrete realization! We will give you an answer as soon as possible.



Whether you have questions about our company or want our opinion on the feasibility of your project, we will be able to respond to your requests. We will also be able to inform you about the cost of manufacturing refractory concrete shaped parts.


Available and at your disposal, we are at your disposal to provide you with sound advice. Do not hesitate to contact our company Lefebure & Trinidad in Guise.